Palace Says: Kate Middleton Won’t Be Appearing on the Cover of Vogue

For the past few weeks, we’ve been hearing little buzzes about Duchess Kate being featured in Vogue. The magazine’s been in hot pursuit of the young royal, and have reportedly been hoping that Mario Testino’s close relationship with the Royal family, having shot of the Duke and Duchess’s engagement PHOTOS, would help the connection.
Alas, the rumours can now be put to rest, as the Queen has made it clear that she is not for it. A palace aid has told various sources that the Queen “would definitely not be amused,” if Kate decided to model. All sources seem to say that Kate will stick to philanthropic projects that will make a larger difference in the lives of those in need. Take that, Anna.
But aren’t they going after the wrong Middleton? With Pippa hot on the scene as of late, she could be just the willing fashion icon the doctor ordered.