Michael Buble was silent at his own wedding

Michael Buble and wife, Argentine TV actress Luisana Lopilato at their wedding reception.

CUTE-as-a-button Canadian crooner Michael Buble has never given reason to be disliked - and his weekend wedding in Argentina will only add to the crazy love of his fans.

Well-wishers took pride of place next to family and friends at the civil ceremony of the superstar singer and his 23-year-old bride Luisana Lopilato, who tossed her bouquet into the throng of hundreds who had gathered to support the couple, during their "anti-Hollywood" walk down the aisle.
These days at weddings of the rich and famous, more planning goes into security and paparazzi-proofing than the event itself.
The man who kickstarted his career by singing I've Never Been In Love Before first signed a marriage register in Buenos Aires, where he met the South American soapie star after one of his concerts in November 2008, before celebrating at a formal reception outside of the city, attended by 300 of their nearest and dearest.
Buble recently revealed a second wedding has been planned for his side of the family in Vancouver in about a month, which he calls "an unwedding".
"It's not like a wedding ... it's like a big party," he said.
The crooner also said his new wife asked him not to sing on their special day.

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Born Michael StevenBuble; upon Sep 9, 1975

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