New 'Twiligth' film makes for seizures

Breaking Dawn - Bis (s) at the end of the night' has, according to media reports in some viewers triggered epileptic seizures.
How 'The Guardian' reports, was primarily the brutal and bloody Geburtstszene the fourth part of the vampire saga dangerous impact on some American moviegoers. Brandon Gephart from Roseville, California, had even then taken to the hospital, so the idea was aborted prematurely.His girlfriend Kelly Bauman unveiled to over CBS Sacramento: "He tensed snorted trying to breathe. He has me quite a fright right. "
In Salt Lake City's ABC4 was, according to a similar incident. The interested party who wanted to disclose his identity, describes how it all happened: "I can not remember really what happened afterwards. I think I had a blackout.My wife suggested that I trembled, and any noise would have given me. "
In the aforementioned scene brings Bella (played by Kristen Stewart ), her vampire baby that she with the bloodsucker Edward Cullen ( Robert Pattinson has testified), the world comes, however, almost lost his life. The fast switching between red, black and white images can be the reason for the seizures, take physicians now. "The problem with cinemas is that it's so dark there, so looks almost like strobe lights flickering light," explains Dr. Michael G Chez, the phenomenon behind which he suspected photosensitivity.
Even the actors were the scene of Renesmee Cullen - Edward and Bella is born baby on the nerves.Pattinson told the magazine 'Total Film' recently: "It was terrible. Incredibly nerve-racking thing about the explicit and the entire engine! "